The two Fuji FP 100C film/sheets arrived this morning. 
It was the first Polaroid experience for yours truly!
Quite exciting!

I always wanted to try Polaroid! Even though I have had a back for years, I never managed to find polaroid film anywhere, until I thought of the internet! I found some on (US located) and as it was the cheapest I could find, I decided to give it a try.

There aren’t any polaroid film left anywhere else in Europe, not at a decent price anyway. The packs bought online cost me $7 each instead of  the €14 to €20 each I had seen on European websites. Plus, buying only 2 packs on Amazon in the US keeps the price right under the legally taxable minimum price (No customs money-grabbing, yay!), and the shipping being very cheap, makes buying film in the US in small amount the best possible deal ever.

As you might’ve noticed, my Mamiya 645 Polaroid back doesn’t make it a true Polaroid. It only makes a negative-sized image that’s about between a quarter and a third of the normal space the image should take. But well, no worries I’ll scan them… Though polaroid prints aren’t very detailed or sharp, I’ll try to bleach the negatives I kept if scanning the prints turns out to be unsatisfying.

I’ll post some results later this week.