Vandaag op het Ijsselmeer :
Buien, buien, buien, buien…
Kans op onweer.


Today, on the other side of the dutch pond.
Medemblik with again..


Sitting in the dark and calm streets of Lemmer. Finding free wifi is an adventure in itself.

I miss her very dearly.

I’ve never missed anyone before meeting her. I always had been a reclusive and detached individual. Happy to be left alone after enduring another human being’s presence for even just a few days. To my greatest surprise, this doesn’t apply to her. Although I feel more open and curious, all in all I haven’t changed drastically ; I still am withdrawn and non-gregarious, but simply not when it comes to her. Her absence is pain, her absence is heart-breaking, but that’s all going to be over soon.

Welcome and thanks to all new followers!
I hope you’ll like it here.